Are Demons Real?

Demons or jinn appear in practically every culture and religion worldwide. tales of demons date back to the beginning of recorded history and thousands of people worldwide still fear demons and the evil associated with them.

Demons are entities that are said to plague humanity with evil and are active soldiers in the war for the souls of mankind. In Christianity, demons are believed to be one third of the angels that were cast out of heaven along with Lucifer. Unlike their angelic counterparts, most believe that demons despise humanity and exist only to cause suffering and despair. So Are demons Real? read more Real Demons

Real Ghost or Demon?

This video shows what is the now famous "Mabel ghost". This footage and much more has stirred up quite a debate and has become the focus of an upcoming documentary. Is this real ghost or demon footage? You be the judge.

Scary Ghost Video

This is a video that shows an interview with a homeowner by a paranormal investigator. While the man is obviously uncomfortable talking about his experiences with ghosts, he begins to tell his story anyway. While he is talking, something very creepy happens. Watch the door behind him. Real Ghost?

Scary Ghost Picture

This is a picture that some believe show the ghost of a small child. It was supposedly taken at a small gathering of friends. The little girl to the right was reported to have cried the entire time. Thay say that children can see things that we can't. Is this a real ghost?

Is Demonic Possession Real?

This is a video that depicts an ABC news story on demons, exorcism and demonic possession.

Demonic Possession

It is widely believed that demons, unlike ghosts, are able to inhabit and take control of humans at any time. Furthermore, it is believed that people have no control over this matter or what may happen once a demon or demons have taken control.

Cases of demonic possession have been reported for centuries. Demons and demonic possession can be traced all the way back to the ancient sumerians who would pray to gods for the protection or release of certain demons. They also believed that all illness, both mental and physical was caused by demons called sickness demons. Evidence of this can be found in ancient writing on tablets.

In the modern age, the catholic church performs exorcisms on an almost daily basis. What used to be only a small number of priests authorized to perform exorcisms has grown to well over 350 in recent years. All exorcisms require approval of a bishop. The church has been one of the biggest skeptics of such events over the years and the rise in numbers is surprising. What does this mean for humanity? Is there a growing number of demonic possessions within our modern world? Many reverends and pastors from other christian religions are known to regularly participate in the "casting out" of demons as well. Demonic possession is not only limited to the christian religions. Demonic possession is a belief and various forms of exorcisms are done in many cultures around the globe.

Pre existing mental conditions have been blamed by most skeptics for suspected demonic possession. There is even a mental disorder called "demonamania" in which the victim believes that he or she has been possessed by one or more demons. So are all people who have been possessed simply "mental"? What about all of the witness to such events?

Strange and scary things have been reported during cases of demonic possession, such as the victim speaking in a foreign tongue, or in a voice that does not resemble their own. Many victims of demonic possession suffer wounds which are often self inflicted, but many have been witnessed manifesting without human interaction. Furniture inside of the victims house has been said to move or turn over. This includes items as big as refrigerators. How does a mental condition explain all this? Skeptics think that witnesses could be suffering from mass hysteria. What do you think?

Demonic Possession Caught on Video!

Real demons? This video depicts an alleged demonic possession. Whether it is valid or not, the woman in the video seems to move in a very strange way.

Real Demon Picture?

This is a picture of what some claim is a demon or real demons. Could it be ghosts or demons? Or possibly just an illusion? What do you think?